Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mongolia is Such a Small World - Week 49

Dear family and friends,
So, after a lot of consideration, I am going to announce that the Mongolian Mission Field is a TINY little world--in a huge place. Our mission probably has about 60 missionaries throughout the entire mission field (I could be off by a little bit) and eventually, you become companions with most of the other missionaries. There around about 10 Sisters in my zone covering half of the city of Ulaanbaatar (5 companionships), 8 on the other side (4 companionships), and about the same ratio for elders. Then, there are about 20 missionaries out in the countryside, it is not a lot. Tiim uchraas, you know EVERYONE. There are some missions where there are so many people, you barely remember names, but not here.
It is like a little family. So everyone gets treated like family and everyone makes plans on being in each other's lives for a very long time, even with the members. It is really nice to be able to make friends with those around you so easily. Also, for being the coldest capital in the world, I feel like my body is adjusting. Yesterday, it was -22 C (I think that translate to about -7F) and today is a little colder, but it really isn't as cold as I was expecting, I just wear a little more and walk a little faster outside. It is awful only in the shadows and once the sun sets, but I am doing okay. I will survive this winter with all of my fingers and toes intact.
Then there are transfers coming up in 2 days and I am so conflicted as to what I am hoping will happen. I have been serving in the same ward since June 23, so part of me really wants a change and an opportunity to meet new members, but I am also finding a lot of success in my current situation. I KNOW my members, the less-actives, and the investigators. I have a relationship and a dear love for each one of them, but what if they need someone new to come in to motivate them along? Ahh, this is the time that I am very grateful that I am not the mission president. So we will just have to see what happens. Maybe I will stay on my side of the city, maybe they will switch it up, who knows. Life is good, though.
Every single day I am learning how to do hard things. I am learning that with a little faith (lol, and maybe some pixi dust) I can make the most of the situations that I am placed in. That, and it is very important to find a support group between family, friends, companionships, and leaderships. No man is an island and it is easier to do things together.
I feel like I am rambling this week, it was a week full of English--I taught a total of 7 lessons all week, so it was a VERY slow week. That is okay, some weeks it just works out that way.
I love you all,
Sister Jessica Olsen
PS--So on Thursday, my companion had to go and teach English, so I was on a split with another sister, but she was sick and throwing up with a stomach flu, so I spent the entire day inside. I decided to pull out my Mormoni Nom and start to read it and mark out verses in comparison to my English Book of Mormon and I finished the entire 1 Nephi. If anyone reads anything from that book in Mongolian, I know it enough to read and understand along with them. It is so stinkin' cool! I love my life and my Book of Mormon (English and Mongolian).
PPS - Unity is getting matching leg warmers and making bagels in the land without bagels (hahahah, I am finally learning how to cook out here)

So this week Sis. Bollwinkel moved to anew area and because her companion is a little apartment-bound due to an incident about 2 weeks ago, I have been learning a new area (and getting lost) while my companion tried to meet up to make English swaps. It is a real thing here, I can get up to 5 different companions in a single day.
Isn't it pretty? If you look closely on the mountainside hill, you will see the Mongolian signal lit up.

Missionary moments. :)
I had my new member, Binderiyaa, become a 'missionary' with me and help teach out 'investigator' about the Plan of Salvation. She loved it.

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