Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A New Teaching Area - Week 50

Dear family and friends,

So guess what has happened for officially the third time on my mission? I am in a new area called Sukhbaatar and it is funny because I was completely ready to leave my other area about a month ago and the time that I am 99% sure that I am staying another transfer, they move me. Things are completely new again and I need to learn my way around a new part of town and couple of ger districts, but Mongolia is still Mongolia and I love all of the people that live here. I am in a new apartment (that is like a hotel in comparison to where I was) and it was the first apartment that I stayed in on my first night in Mongolia--I had so many flashbacks to that night. Seriously, for a split second, I remembered exactly what I felt like when I first came to Mongolia and I am amazed at how far I have come. When I first came, I was completely overwhelmed by absolutely EVERYTHING from the smell of the air and ger districts, to the crazing driving, the language, and the unevenness of the streets. Now that I have been here for some time, I don't feel that way anymore; the Lord has helped me completely adjust. I almost barely even notice these small things anymore.

Now, instead of feeling overwhelmed, I am courageous enough to ask people to repeat themselves if I didn't understand the fist time. If they do not understand me, with confidence, I will repeat the same sentence over and over again until it clicks. One of my earlier almost companions told me to just talk like a Russian Dictator and now I do because I know that the people have the capacity to understand and it makes a huge difference. Turns out, even this girl can learn another language that still sounds like Parasal tongue occasionally; but this just makes me a little more like Harry Potter. Hahahahaha, or would that be more like Voldemort? I swear, I am still one of the nicest missionaries that you will ever meet and I am happy to share a smile with just about everyone that I meet. 

So after all of the craziness of moving from one side of town to another, moving all of the stuff that I have somehow started to accumulate, I have some great new progressing investigators. One is so excited about baptism, he wants to be baptized before Christmas, meaning he is trying to meet with us every single day, but there is so much to teach and some commitments just require time. However, starting next month, I think that I will officially have a 2nd and 3rd investigator that I can call my own because I will help teach the bulk of all of their lessons. I am so excited about all of these changes! I love teaching. My English class is WONDERFUL! Luckily, Sis. Bollwinkel has a way of clicking with the 11th graders and they love here, so life is just smooth sailing. 

I don't know much of my new area, I am starting to come down with a cold again (dang you, pollution!), and Mongolia is going through a nice little warm spell and is usually around 5-10 F. No frostbite yet. :)

Christmas is coming up and I completely love my life! And I get to talk to my family soon, what more could you ask for. 

Have a happy season and be safe, Remember the reason behind Christmas and be happy!

I love you,

Sister Olsen

This is me and all of my wonderful things, Sister Austin and Brezenski made me a good-bye cake (that I ate with milk in a mason jar) and it was delicious white cake with chocolate frosting--my favorite! And then this is my new district! 

This is how I look outside, and inside. (plus it was taken about 30 minutes ago--the indoor one).

I love you all! I should have my Skype time next week, it still wasn't posted.

Seriously, this place is so nice and there is so much room. I love it.

So this happened this week. The first one without as much frost happened at 8 AM while I was walking to meet up to make an English split, then the second (with more frost) was after 30 minutes right before I was going to teach at 9 AM. This has never happened before, I looked like a crazy person (khun).

Also, the weather gets so cold that after a certain point, it cannot snow (like beyond the ability) and then there are workers who go and just chip up all of the ice because it will never melt if left alone. The air is just always cold, but I am getting so used to it, it feels normal).

'I LOVE YOU' message. Life is wonderful and so are you!


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