Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Week of Three Transfers - Week 41

Hi family and friends,

Oh my heck, some weeks fly by because of all of the fun that you are having, other weeks take a little longer because there is a big change in your schedule and you just need to get back in the groove of things, and then this last week happens. This has probably been one of the longest weeks of my life and every single day it was something new that happened, I still feel like my head is spinning and I have been so stressed the entire time. So as I mentioned last week, my companionship with Sis. Bollwinkel came to an end on Monday, so one Tuesday, I entered into a new companionship. Then, due to other circumstances, one of my really good friend's mission ended, so her companion joined mine and I became a tri for a few days. Then, yesterday, there was another change where a mini-missionary joined for the next two weeks at least and our tri was split and now I am a trainer.
Oh man, talk about changes, but nothing really changed. I am still living and serving in the same area, sleeping in the same bed, and keeping a same schedule, but all of the different people have left my head spinning. Also, the band-aide was ripped off and I am SYL-ing (Speaking my mission language) basically all day. I am speaking more Mongolian than I even knew that I had in me; I also now know what it feels like to regret procrastinating the day of my repentance. I should have been learning Mongolian so much better than this point, but my new Mini is so stinkin' cute and nice. This is also her 3rd mini mission and had been well-trained, so it is just like having a Mongolian companion without having to do any intense training. Life is great.

Also, this week we were able to watch conference. Can I just say, I think the best part of it was Elder Nelson's talk about joy and when he said, 'do not let anything interrupt your joy'. So, has anything been getting in the way of you being happy? This week was hard because of all of the changes and I regret to say that my joy was interrupted for a little bit, but after hearing that simple message, I have decided that I am not a victim of circumstances and I will not let anything get in the way of being happy. We are commanded over and over in the Bible to be of good cheer, so it is something that we should actively work toward, I am learning. Every now and then, I feel like I have been happy by pure coincidence, but not anymore. It is going to be amazing and wonderful and when it is not, I need to find a solution. Hope is an active commandment and requires work just as much as happiness does.
So, I am going to try. To learn my language, I am going to carry a dictionary and notebook for new words, I want to speak to my companion. To lower my stress, I will keep hope in my heart and a big perspective. I am thoroughly convinced that I will not make or break Mongolia, being here is simply one of the greatest privileges of my life. I just need to be prepared to work hard and give my very best effort, then take comfort in knowing that I get credit for trying (lol, do you remember that one?) and that I need to have uninterrupted joy. That is not to say that I will not experience less than ideal circumstances, but rather, I will not let the stress enter into my heart and pull me down.
I love Mongolia. I love what I am doing and have joy with me.

I love you all,
Sister Jessica Olsen

So this is me with my Mini (in the white Jacket, yesterday was a long day in my life and I was extremely stressed about having to start speaking Mongolian 24/7, so please excuse my tired-looking face), me as a tri, and then proof that friendship can extend past language barriers. This is with one of my investigators and her cousin, it was so funny!

Look at all of these companionship that were happening! Friends with everyone!

Celebrating the end of a companionship! These are the Kinder eggs that I got that represent her and they work! One was of a pig (NOT her) that was holding a blue boom box--a boom box that is exactly like the one outside of our apartment! Also, the next was a triceratops, exactly like one that she carries all the time. Coincidence? I think not. :)

Oh my heck, isn't this the coolest hat ever! Also, I have my winter jacket, now I am off to buy my boots

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