Monday, October 17, 2016

P-Days are Complicated - Week 42

Dear Family and Friends,

Changes are fun, but I really like having my P-days on a Monday, it is just better that way. Here, some missionaries teach English on Mondays, so the mission is split for Monday/Tuesday P-days (Monday being my preference). Last week, I was in a trio that caused for Tuesday, but everyone rejoice, I am back to Monday (at least for today and next week). I LOVE MY LIFE!

Also, having a Mongolian companion is one of the coolest things and very peaceful. All of the stress is taken off when it comes to understanding everything because I know that she is there and has such a rock-solid testimony that she can handle the crazy questions, but then comes the difficulty of trying to understand each other. Lol, there has been so much miming happening in my life right now, it is funny. I feel a little like a rubber-band being stretched; I am not being asked to do anything that I am not prepared to do (I know that I have the capacity to speak at a deeper level), but man, it is sometimes uncomfortable. Because she is a mini-missionary, it is only for another week, but yours truly is learning. At an accelerated rate. It is great. It is hard. I know that it is only through the Gift of Tongues that this is possible.

This week, though, I have learned that I LOVE a new Mongolian food that includes Kim Chi and sausage and rice, I never liked kim chi until now, but it is delicious. So we are going to set a goal next week to learn how to make tons of Mongolian food like the different breads and kum bam (I probably butchered that spelling) and learn as much as possible while I have this opportunity. Then on Oct. 28, there is going to be a new transfer. Life is including so much change right now.

This letter is a little more on the bland side of life, but really, my week was a week of miming. We met with some of our investigators and ALA's, I started the lesson, but then every single person went off at the very end in such rapid Mongolian that I couldn't keep up. I do know that they are receiving help for my companion, and they are kind enough to slow down when they start to talk to me again.
(Hahahahahah, this week reminded me of when Leo said that when he first met us and was learning his English, we would talk so fast that he didn't understand. Now he does, but I totally understand the feeling now.)

Life is great, the weather is starting to get really cold and I am looking forward to Spring already. Keep praying that I stay warm, but the cool thing is that there really is no such thing as bad weather, only bad dressing. On Saturday, for instance, Mongolia went through a warmer spell, so I wore light layers. Then, it decided to turn bipolar when I was out in Tahilt (the outskirts of the city) and this frigid cold wind came through and I was SO COLD. I then went home, grabbed all of my heavy layers, and when I went back out, it was totally fine. I am getting ready to say good-bye to being warm, but only until Spring. I will be warm again, I know it.

I love you all,
Sister Jessica Olsen

PS - This is a picture of me, my comp, and the other companionship living with us. Then that is a picture of the snow (it is coming), and the last is of Sister Bennett, my STL, who is leaving next week.

So I broke YET ANOTHER mirror, but no worries, it was only the handle. By this point, I think that I have about 40 years of bad luck heading my way, but don't worry, I threw some salt over my shoulder to counteract it.
Here we are also at lunch after the training, we both just happened to end up there are the same time, great minds think alike.
Also, my comp and I have our fist Big Plan together--three hours of solid Mongolian, it was pretty intense, but very gratifying.

I love the children here! Last night, my comp and I went over and did service and here are her two daughters. I braided their hair and we drew pictures together and they reminded me so much of my nieces. Also, look at this baby, isn't she just so ridiculously cute!

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