Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Make Goodness your Priority

Dear family and friends,

So, time, it literally is just flying by and nothing really stays the same, but we are children endowed with a great power and we can make amazing things happen. It is all about making a vision of what you want to accomplish, then be uncompromising in your pursuit of that dream, but you must stay strong to who you are. In this pursuit, you must remember to seek after goodness--doing good, being good, thinking good--and all things will work out. That is our promise, whether right away or later, it will work out. 

"Search diligentlypray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good." D&C 90:24

So I have 7 weeks left being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I want to end as strong as ever, becoming the best missionary possible, then going home and morphing that transformation into just being a good member. I was reading in Helaman 12 today how Samuel received the message and it filled him with joy, and that same experience can be felt in our lives every single say. My companion and I set some hard goals this week is pursuit of excellence and I think that it is kind of funny. That morning, I had this thought go through my head of how I should read PMG (Preach My Gospel, the missionary handbook of sorts) one more time, but I thought, 'no, I am almost done, I don't need to.' Then, that night, my companion and I were talking about setting hard goals and she is going to challenge herself to translate thoughts so that she can more readily teach (this is very difficult still), then it hit me. I learn best through reading something over and over again. So it came naturally that I need to read PMG once more before my mission ends in Mongolian, but I cannot just skip the hard words. Every time I come across something that I don't recognize, I highlight it and then look it up. Oh my heck, it is working.

I started this goal on about Thursday or Friday of last week, then by Sunday, I could feel my understanding increasing. Then while I sat their in Church, I felt so overwhelmed by my love of my ward. I LOVE SUKHBAATAR! I love the members. I love the kids. They help each other and my ward is in a part of town with a lot of young families, as well as a lot of older members, and everyone just helps with the kids. Families all sit mixed together and it is amazing. During Sacrament, one mother had a 3 year old who was going a little crazy with the jitters and her husband was on the stand giving a talk, so she came and sat by us. I always keep some small paper and coloring pencils with me on Sunday, so we were able to help distract him with coloring for a few minutes. Afterwards, when he couldn't be contained any longer and took off running, I was struck by how amazing it was that in a moment of need, this mother trusted us enough to allow us to help keep her son under control. As missionaries, one of your largest goals is to serve the people. On Sunday, I served with my full heart.

Then, in Mongolia it is very unusual to have a dinner calendar, but my ward has started to try to feed the missionaries. By the end of the meeting block, our calendar was filled for every single day of the week. Again, this is very unusual, but they really like us too! Oh man, next week will be my last transfer call and it is 50% chance that I will stay or go somewhere else for my last transfer, but if I stay, I know that I will be happy. If I end up moving, well, for one of the first times in my mission, I am ready to serve anywhere with anyone without any conditions. I am done trying to control things that I have no control over. All things will work out and I feel like it is just an amazing adventure and opportunity.

I feel like Elder Holland, but all we need to do is keep trying. We need to keep believing. We need to keep hoping and praying for help. Above all, we need to just know what is good and go after it with all of your heart. So even if things seem to be coming to an end, it is not. It is just the beginning of a new and wonderful chapter in life.
So these are some of the little goobs in my ward that have each stolen pieces of my heart, the Sutphins who are concluding their mission this week (tomorrow!), and Enkhjin. I love this family.


Hanging out with the STL's (and my fellow MTC sisters) and my companion and I had the MOST DELICIOUS treat in the entire world. It was ice cream, shaved ice, and a whole lot of flavor.

 So there was this crazy dust storm that happened last week and it was so yellow outside. Then my companion and I were walking around outside, and saw these lovely little cars deciding to go swimming. 

I love Mongolia.

So Sunday I just couldn't stop eating. All night. But I have one awesome companion and we had one great movie night with face masks, popcorn, and frozen oranges. That last one was actually really delicious!

Can you see the difference?

Changes are in the air! The Mission office is getting remodeled (or having one awesome new fort look) and trees are starting to be planted outside.

It is a great place to be in Spring

So there are times that I forget what number I was on when I sent the pictures. So this is the last one, but I think it is 4.

Anyways, here are Sister Hansen and I making the best of our English assignment. We have officially changed our English Speaking Class into an English Reading Class. Oh my heck, and I found Harry Potter in Mongolian!!!!!!! I tried to buy it from the school, but they said no. I am now off to search through every used book set-up/tent until I can find it. 

I will take a picture of our students next week.


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