Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Start Your Day With Protein - Week 63

Dear family,

I have learned something amazing, when you start your day with protein, miraculous things will happen. Yesterday was one busy day and it started off with us realizing that we ate (or finished off) all of the eggs, milk, and bread on Sunday, so come Monday morning, we were a little bit out of food. Normally, at that point you could just run to the local delguur (a little convenience store) and just buy them really quick and go back home and eat, but yesterday was also an English day. We taught English from 8:45 - 12:15 and then had back-to-back appointments lined up until 6 PM when we would finally make it back home and do the normal studies that we need to do daily. So, my companion pulled out her chef hat and cooked up some potatoes and chicken--if nothing else, we have the carbs and protein for the day. My breakfast tasted like a dinner, but it worked.

Yesterday was great. Our English was great, the students were willing to listen and a lot of that has to do with the fact that it is my companion's last week in the country, so we are teaching the last classes there until they get new Elders to come in and teach.Then I go back to my school. We started a habit of praying specifically for some of our trouble students before we leave the house in the morning and I really do believe that it works. 

After class, we went over to one of our really good member's house (whose wife hasn't come to church since before I came to the ward in Jan) and shared a really heart-felt message. Some times it is easy to think that everything is going well in someone's life until everything starts crumbling around them at an extremely rapid pace. Something really cool is that they are struggling to find a job and last week, my companion and I were introduced to an older traditional Mongolian game that I have never seen in a store and not many people own anymore (none of the other missionaries know about it), that was hand-carved, that he is going to try to make. He radiated with energy and hope knowing that this might be the perfect way to start to provide for his family again. So our meal yesterday was more of a thank you for all of the help that we have been giving yesterday. They are amazing.

Then, we went to visit two of my companion's old less-active members so that she could say good-bye and introduce the new missionaries to them. It was two cute lessons and I then pulled water for the first time in my mission! We did the typical service that everyone does here and it was really nice!

Then came a great round of studies. It was amazing because throughout it all, I wasn't really hungry. The breakfast worked. We received potato huushuur during a meeting, then it all just worked out.

I credit it all to a good breakfast.

I love you all,

Sister Jessica Olsen

This is the best game in the whole world, I love it! Then pulling water and making friends in other wards.

District Meeting and Cake, what more could you ask for??

 This was a ward Sports activity.
Out here, there are not many sporting activities, so this was a rarity. BUT, I finally fulfilled a dream and rode in the Bishop's Micro!!! Hahhahahaha, so these types of little vans will pull up to bus stops and call out the names of the places that they will stop and try to jam in as many people as possible at every stop. I think I have ridden in one a total of 10 times (it is so much easier to just wait for the bus) and this one was full of members for the activity.

We had prime seating!

Figuring out how to work the water pump.


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