Sunday, March 20, 2016

I am in Mongolia!

Hi Family,

So I made it! I am in Mongolia and I absolutely love it, the people are wonderful and they smile at me a lot because we really cannot speak (due to a lack of language on my end). The church meeting reminded me of the Spanish ward growing up where everyone chats together before church, after church, and there are little kids everywhere wandering around throughout the Sacrament meeting.

The jet lag is insane, I am so tired right now that every time I stand still for longer than a few minutes, I can feel myself start to sway to fall asleep. This morning during personal scripture study I had to get up and walk around every 5 minutes to keep myself from falling asleep. The Bensons, my mission president and his wife, gave us the request to stay awake until 9:30 PM to try to get over the jet lag faster by acclimating as quickly as possible--I was knocked out last night by 9:35 PM and he told me that he called at 11 PM (Mongolia). I know that I am going to sleep like a champ tonight and I think tomorrow is P-day where I will be able to give more information about my flight and the crazy ups and downs. I am so glad that President Benson was able to call home and let you know I made it.

Hahahaha, really quick, though, there was this rumor going on at the church meeting that I attended where everyone came up and asked me if I was from Hawaii because that is what they heard and they said that I had a very pretty face. I told them that my face came from my mom and that I am from Colorado. It is so great being here, even though I can only catch a single word in a 20 minute conversation, I am really happy and I love all the people; I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. :)

I love you! 

Sister Olsen

PS - I ran into Sister Harker and gave her a huge hug! I will be seeing a lot more of her (hopefully), so I will have to take a picture, now I just need to find the Sister who is visiting Mongolia until next week and taught us at the MTC

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